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TSC 244 Pro Barcode Printer

Brand TSC
Connectivity Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, Wifi
Printing Capacity (Labels per hour) 0-50, 200-300, 50-100, 100-200, 300-400, >400
Automation Grade Automatic
Software Requirement Windows-7, Windows-10, Windows-Xp
Style Black and White, Color
Type Portable, Thermal Printers
Interface Type D-Sub, IEEE 1394, Infrared
Automatic Yes
Wireless Yes

The TSC 244 Plus Barcode Label Printer supplier in India is one of the most popular and low-priced printers that has a commanding processor and an impressive memory. The best thing about it is its two year warranty period and the fact that it is flexible to fit in a 300 m ribbon that keeps the cost of operation low. Its printing speed is fast and within its small shell resides a double motor. It has a memory of 4MB flash, extendable to 8MB with SDRAM.

 200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory
 Internally Scalable True Type fonts
 TSPL-EZ™ firmware emulates Eltron® and Zebra® languages out of the box
 Dual-motor gear driven design
 300 meter ribbon supply on a 1" core (coated side out)
 4.3" OD internal media supply, optional external media un-winder supporting 8" OD
 Label rolls on 3" cores
 4" per second print speed
 USB 2.0 & RS-232C interfaces

 Shipping and receiving
 Compliance labeling
 Asset tracking
 Inventory control
 Document management
 Shelf labeling and product marking
 Specimen labeling and patient tracking

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TEC B SA4 Barcode Printer

Brand TSC
Connectivity USB, Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Printing Capacity (Labels per hour) 300-400, 200-300, >400, 100-200, 50-100, 0-50
Software Requirement Windows-7, Windows-10, Windows-Xp
Style Black and White, Color
Type Portable, Thermal Printers
Interface Type Infrared, D-Sub, IEEE 1394

The stature and the functions of the Toshiba TEC B SA4 Barcode Printer is that of an industrial printer but it performs with the ease of a desktop printer, which is a great advantage. With this printer, you can oversee an entire printing network from a pivotal source. It is a very office choice. It is equipped with both the cutter and strip module, and has both serial interface board and wireless LAN board.

 The Toshiba B-SA4 barcode label printer provides the functionality and robustness of an industrial printer with the compact footprint and ease of use of a desktop printer
 For ultimate networking capabilities, it comes with a wide variety of communication interfaces, enabling you to manage your whole network of printers from a central source
 The B-SA4 really is the perfect ‘Total Solution’ for any printing application, with high-quality output, industrial performance, versatile design, advanced functionality including
 RFID options and the backing of a globally recognised quality brand
 Its ergonomic design makes the B-SA4 the printer of choice for any quiet office situation, whilst the superior quality output and exceptional performance ensure that it fits perfectly with robust industrial environments
 High print quality: fitted with a 200 dpi printhead as standard and with the flexibility to easily upgrade to 300 dpi, these machines are unique in the market
 The B-SA4 comes with an entire Central Network Management Suite, that allows you to manage all the SNMP printers in your network
 Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer 203 dpi
 Print speed up to 6 ips
 Maximum print width: 4.9"USB,
 LAN (100 base) and parallel connectivity.
 Display and 3 key
 Media Window Media: up to 6.0"
 O.D Ribbon up to 450M
 User changeable print head

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TSC LP 44 Barcode Printer

Brand TSC
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
Automation Grade Automatic
Software Requirement Windows-10, Windows-7, Windows-Xp
Color Printing Yes

The TSC Barcode Printer (TSC LP 44) is best suited to print stickers, labels, price tags, merchandise labels, address labels, shipping labels and others. Being endowed with the bartender software, which is free, you can create your own set of tags for each different product. The dual motor gear reduces the chance of paper jamming. With a flash memory of 2MB and dram each, downloading and storing of data becomes easy.

 4" Desktop Label Printer
 High Memory Capacity
 Prints upto 4" wide labels
 Dual Motor Gear

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SATO CG-408 Barcode Printer

In the SATO CG Barcode Printer model, the SATO CG – 408/412 is the best of lot, as it is priced at a very reasonable rate while at the time putting up a good performance. To continue with its good performance, it has an anti-microbial casing complete with optimal interfaces and competitive emulations. It has a print width of 4.1” and is equipped with a cutter, real time clock, dispenser and linerless kit. It is mainly used for wristband printing, office mailings and merchandise labeling. 


  • Cutter
  • Dispenser
  • Real Time Clock
  • Linerless Kit
  • Specimen Labeling
  • Wristband Printing
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Product Labeling
  • Office Mailings
  • File Folder Labeling


  • Print Method:Direct/Thermal Transfer
  • Print Width:4.1"
  • Media Width:0.87" to 4.21
  • Print Speed (max.): 4 ips
  • Resolution:203 or 305 dpi


  • Specimen Labeling
  • Wristband Printing
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Product Labeling
  • Office Mailings
  • File Folder Labeling
Layaway Marking Layaway Marking

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Thermal Barcode Printer

Printing Method Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer
Print Speed Up to 6 ips ( 152 MM /SEC)
Resolution 203 DPI
Max. Print Width 108 mm (4.25")
Max. Print Length 2,286 mm (90")
Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) 258 mm * 202 mm * 173 mm
Capacity 110 m
Core 0.5”
Max Outer Dia. 67 mm
Label Roll Capacity 127 mm (5") OD
Processor 32 bit RISC CPU
Memory 2 MB Flash; 8 MB SDRAM (SD Card slot for memory expansion)
Interface Ethernet, USB, Parallel and Serial
Power Supply External universal switching power supply
Operation switch, button, LED One power switch, one feed button, One LED (3 colors Green, Amber & Red)

Even though the Thermal Barcode Printer (TVS LP 46) is smaller in size than the others, its performance is not compromised. This too is perfect for amusement parks and movie theatres. To minimize all chances of paper jamming, it is equipped with a double motor gear. It has a flash memory of 2MB and 2MB of dram. The bartender software is free, allowing you to be innovative in creating your labels. It requires an external power supply.Small in Size. Big in Performance, 4" Desktop Label Printer
 Prints upto 4" wide labels - Choice of labels
 Movable Black Mark Sensor – Ideal for Cinema Ticketing & Amusement Parks!
 High Memory Capacity - Prints faster

 Dual Motor Gear - Chances of paper jams are almost zero! (Movement of the ribbon and the media are independent)
 High Memory Capacity (2 MB DRAM & 2 MB Flash Memory) -Allows you to download data quickly and store large number of fonts & and images
 Higher Ribbon Capacity (300M) - The best in the category, it lowers the frequency of ribbon change
 Free Bartender Software - Allows you to design your own labels for each product, offer and season instead of using the same
 Shake your hands - Easy integration to External Printer, Weighing Scale, Barcode Scanner and Cash Drawer, all at the same