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Model- C3000 UHF

Chainway C3000 is a WindowsCE-based UHF RFID reader. Built with embedded Impinj R2000 chip, it offers high-performance UHF RFID reading and writing capability that enables read distance of over 8m. And it supports bulk reading and optional barcode scanning. The RFID reader can be widely applied to apparel stock-taking, warehouse management, asset management, fleet management, expressway toll and so forth.

C3000 can be configured with high-performance LF or HF RFID reading/writing module. The module and software can be customized according to industry need and tag specifications

The C3000UHF provides new levels of UHF RFID reading performance. It can be configured with class-leading R2000 UHF module or cost-effective UHF module. Together with two kinds of high performance antenna options

Fingure Recognition
C3000 enables sensitive fingure print recognition. Capacitive fingureprint sensor makes the collection of fingureprint information more accurate and rapid. Users can input or delete fingerprint information, process fingerprint image, and match fingerprints. It has been widely used in personnel management.

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Model- C4000 UHF

Chainway C4000 is an Android-based rugged Handheld Computer. With its powerful 1.3GHz processor and best possible battery performance, as well as the comprehensive data capture options, including LF/HF RFID and NFC reading, high-performance 1D/2D, infra-red and sensitive fingerprint scanning, you can find this easy-to-deploy device an exceptionally valuable helper for your workers to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Android OS
C4000 integrates with Android 4.4 operating system, delivers familiar user experience as that on Android smart phones. The easy-to-use system realizes seamless compatibility with third-party application software. The divice can be deployed in applications such as stock checking, power infrastructure maintenance and animal husbandry management

Ultrafast Quad-core Processor
Chinway C4000, featuring the latest and fastest Cortex-A7 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, supports smooth multi-tasking and free shifting between tasks. The stable performance enabled by the powerful Cortex A7 ensures fluent and efficient work.

High-Resolution & Large-size Display
With a high-definition 4-inch display and highly sensitive light sensor, C4000 automatically adjusts screen brightness according to the light intensity, presenting you the best display effect. Whether you work in dark environment or in direct sunlight, C4000 improves the display readability and provides you with the best reading experience.

Rugged and Durable Performance
C4000, built for use in harsh industrial and outdoors environments, is IP64 sealed to withstand prolonged exposure to water, dust -20/500C Digree Temperatures, and multiple falls on all 6 faces to cemented ground.